50 years and beyond

how can your brand adapt to stayed truly connected to your audience in 2021 and beyond?

this is the question we will look to answer this year.

For over 50 years, Action has been making connections for organizations, brands, cultures and people. But in a world that is more virtually driven than ever before, how can we all maintain meaning in these connections?

Is the art of having meaningful connections getting lost?

In honour of turning 50 years old, Action will be embarking on a discovery journey to explore and answer the above question, looking to you, to experts and psychologists, while drawing upon on our history, and embarking on a unique travel expedition.

We will unveil our findings en route and gather them in our Connections 2.0 Findings report in December 2021.

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Panel discussion co-created by PR WEEK Leading & pivoting with a multi-market strategy


  • Understanding cultures and regions and how best to scale and localise
  • Why knowing ‘local’ is key to global brand success
  • The thought process behind regional campaigns
  • Data driven strategies
  • Maintaining the human element in tactic delivery
  • Measuring multi-market campaigns to ensure visibility of results


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Chris on Tour

Q4 Tour with our CEO, Chris Christodoulou

Action’s CEO, Chris Christodoulou, will embark on a journey to Action offices across the globe to uncover similarities and differences when it comes to building and executing a strategy for brands that really resonates with its target audience, given the massive changes the world has undergone. He will dive deep into conversations and participate in workshops across Russia, Ukraine, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece with a blogger and videographer documenting his tour.

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our milestones of connections

Looking back at the past 50 years, we have realized that marcomms is deeply rooted in people and how they relate, collaborate, and support each other.

In other words, its all about connections.
Meaningful connections. Ideas. Products. Brands. Cultures. People.

a few words from our CEO

Chris Christodoulou

Chief Executive Officer

our legend

As we celebrate the 50th birthday of Action, it is important we pay tribute to the legend behind it all, Tony Christodoulou, and his larger-than-life character. For those of you who know Tony, you will smile as you read some of the stories below and for those of you who do not, let us inspire you.

Tony Christodoulou

Founder of Action Global Communications

We are telling stories to honour a man like no other and to also showcase an agency like no other. No one comes to Action Global Communications as a client and stays a client, they become friends, family, lifelong partners in the Action journey.

The word ‘cannot’ does not exist in his vocabulary

Tony once took a taxi from Sofia to Bucharest on a whim, to set up an office there. Knowing no-one and having very little knowledge of the culture and not a word of the language, Tony established Action Romania which is now a thriving business 24 years later.

No fear of being the first

Tony with his daughter Kathy, launched the first concorde flight to Morocco. The client wanted the wow affect and Tony delivered, staging a colourful and vibrant fashion show using the interior and the steps of the concord as the ‘runway’.

He has always had a love for unchartered territories

Not only was Tony one of the first agencies to pave the way for PR in the MENA region, the Med, Russia & the CIS, he also once took a large ship with an ophthalmologist across Mediterranean waters. This doctor wanted to provide aid to people from deprived areas by helping them with visual impairment. Tony willingly jumped aboard as the PR professional in residence.

He gets to know EVERYONE

‘What you up to today?’, is a common phrase that can be heard bellowing from Tony several times a day, as he gives every person he meets absolute attention. He is always genuinely interested in people, knowing them, understanding them and listening to them. This is a trait that is hard to come by today. He has an unbelievable way with people and can build a relationship with anyone.

Zivania is the cure for everything

Zivania, known as the Cypriot grappa, is the go-to remedy Tony has used for stressed clients, and indeed, stressed employees. If you had a stressful day, Tony would sit you down in his office chair and pour you a shot. Also, if you had a good day with celebratory wins, Tony would sit you down and pour you a shot. If you ever go for a dinner with Tony, be ready for more than one shot.

Can you sleep on planes?

As the Action network grew, one question Tony used to ask his international team before hiring them, was, ‘Can you sleep on planes?’, many candidates laughed it off but he was serious. Understanding the local cultures means you have to spend time in each country and this is one thing Tony has always enforced.

There is no better host

If you have ever had the pleasure to sit and have a dinner with Tony, you will experience a feast for kings. Not only in the amazing fresh food he will serve up, but also, his serving of stories, knowledge and PR expertise. An incredible character who thought nothing of opening offices in countries others won’t even consider visiting, including Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and more. Someone who really understands how to connect brands and people at every level. Who pours his heart and soul into every client that becomes part of the Action family. Former BA comms head, Tony Cocklin, often remembers the time, at the start of the first Gulf war, where a BA aircraft in Kuwait was effectively hijacked by incoming Iraqi forces. Tony immediately packed his bags, went straight to Amman to help with the situation. He spent three weeks there as the client’s trusted comms advisor and manager. Now if that isn’t first class client service, then what is?

moments in action

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